Our Services

Performance Tuning

Let’s find the right solution for you!

Our remapping starts from £279, we pride ourselves on our reputation and customer service. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you fall back in love with your car. 

Adblue Removal

We've had to get pretty good at this, with the Nox sensor issues that are becoming more and more common with VAG, PSA and Mercedes vehicles! We offer NOX sensor and Adblue removal from £279 for most vehicles. Our solutions for these can resolve Nox sensor issues, adblue level failures etc and save you £0000's in repairs.

DPF/EGR removal

We can offer DPF and EGR software solutions for most vehicles. Removing troublesome engine warning lights, unleashing more power and offering a smoother drive. The cost of a remap VS a replacement of these parts makes it a no brainer. 

Trade Work  

We have a fantastic network of garages we work with. The benefits are two fold, we can feed them local work that we come across and if mechanical attention is required for your vehicle we have local contacts to get the work done quickly, and at a great price.